Sunday, May 16

Kindergarten Graduation Party!

Today, we gathered all of our family and very close friends together to help LK celebrate her Kindergarten Graduation! She graduates Friday, but we had to go ahead and have her party this weekend because our next few weekends are already booked up. She definitely didn't mind having it early though!! :) We had such a good time and everyone was so sweet to Miss Priss. I still just can not believe that she is old enough to go to Kindergarten, let alone graduate! My baby is just getting WAY too big!

I'll be honest, I've been so busy with other people's orders, that I just didn't have time to really do much for LK. Sad, I know! :( I did make her a banner though, as well as, some napkin rings and a door sign.

Grams was sweet enough to make her a cake!

Grams LOVED getting to love on sweet baby Emerson! Emerson is just precious.. and looking more and more like her big sister every day!

Everyone was just too kind to LK! She loved all of her gifts!!

Proud Parents!!

The snacks were YUMMY! We asked LK to make a list of her faves, so we ended up with chicken nuggets, pizza rolls, spicy dip (aka - salsa!), pig in a blanket, watermelon, and Nana's Mac & Cheese! ... quite the spread! ;)

Joell and Ashley

Nana & Aunt Debbie

Addyson and Gracie discussing cake!

Ash & LK .. gosh, it seems like just yesterday she was still pronouncing Ashley as "Ash-a-lee"!

Aunt Debbie got LK a "paper doll" kit, but it is made out of wood and is magnetic, so the clothes and accesories stay put. It was a HUGE hit with all the little ladies!

LK was so excited to see Aunt Lyns and Uncle Ricky. RP is a fisherman, so he's usually gone every weekend in the spring for a fishing tournament. It was a big treat to be able to see him! :)

MeMaw & Big Daddy Grandpa G!

my sweet sweet friends, Haley & April - April finds out on Tuesday whether Baby #2 is a girl or boy! I am SOOO excited!! Too bad she doesn't even look preggo here!!! I am SO jealous! I was a WHALE with #2! ha! :)

Aunt Britt & Tiff

Lacie & Goo-Goo

see what I mean about the dolls!

Uncle Joe

Grandma & Bompa

Goodness.. I just dont know if I'm mentally prepared to see my girl graduate Kindergarten on Friday! We made a video slide show to show at the party (which I'll try to post soon!) and I balled like a baby the ENTIRE video!! ha!

That was pretty much our entire weekend! Next weekend, we are looking forward to a get-together with friends (2nd Annual Stickles Spring Soiree, as Jax calls it.. ha!)! I love getting to spend time with friends.. esp when we can all be together at once! :) I hope everyone has a great week!!


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