Monday, May 17

Jack's Birthday Party!

I am so excited because Jack's mom sent me pictures from his birthday party!! I have to say, as a mom of a little boy the same age, this is the COOLEST party EVER!! I am now dying to use this theme for my little man!! Jamie the THE BEST mom! I mean, really.. who's mom gets Spiderman and Batman to come to your party???! Jack's mom did!! (and thanks Jamie for lending me your character source!!) ;)

I'm sure you remember the post with all of Jack's goodies.. Well, here they are in use! :)

how much fun does this look??!

Happy Birthday, Jack!!

Ok, Jamie.. now I need to know who did your cake??! :)

Thank you, Jamie for sending me some pictures! I LOVED looking at them!! You did a fantastic job with Jack's party!! :)