Thursday, May 13

Mother's Day & Weekend!

FINALLY!!! SO sorry that it's taken me so long!! This week has just flown right by! I thought that I was going to have a pretty easy week, but before I knew it the orders just came piling in again! Between that and trying to get my house in order for a get-together this weekend, the days have just escaped me! But.. here we go..

Last weekend was the first weekend of sunshine that we have seen in quite a while!! The kids have been bottling up all the energy, just waiting for a chance to let it all out! And we were finally able to get them outside to run around!! :) Saturday morning, after Paxton's birthday party, we headed off to the Lichterman Nature Center! The kids had a ball running around, chasing geese, turtle watching, and exploring in the woods. Chris and I had a ball just watching all their energy. It's amazing how quickly you go from being one of those kids, to being a parent to one of those kids! ha! I just love to watch them play and hear them laugh and have fun.. blessings!

BTW - Memphis Mamas... here is a link to a FREE summer membership to the LNCenter and the Pink Palace.. I highly recommend it!

An elk for Uncle Ricky.. Oh.. and my sweet, sweet, innocent and spirited LK now thinks that her Uncle Ricky is Davey Crockett (she heard the song on a Disney cd).. you know, b/c they like to hunt and are both from TN! haha! OH.. you've just gotta love a child's mind! :)

Future scientist, maybe??! :)

The joys of potty training.. clothing change in the woods! Good thing he's a boy! :)

My my.. nice handbag, dear! ;)

There were turtles and geese all over the pond!!

When we got home, Chris and the kiddos went ahead and gave me my Mother's Day gifts. LK was just too excited to hold out an extra day! I already received my lovely new Kate a few weeks ago, but they still have a few surprises up their sleeves! ;) The kids made me some beautiful crafts at school and I always love everything they make! I have saved just about every single thing they've ever done at school.. two huge bins full! They even got me a gift certificate for a BADLY needed mani & pedi and a new trifle dish!! I've been wanting a trifle dish for quite some time. OH - and the DVD of one of my favorite movies.. Showboat! I was so excited about all my goodies!! I have the sweetest family a girl could ask for! :)

Sunday morning, after church, we went over to Chris' parents for a Mother's Day Brunch! It was, of course, delish! C and I even tried out a new dish.. Shrimp and Grits Eggs Benedict! I found the recipe in Southern Living and just had to try it out! Growing up in the South, we had grits just about every weekend morning.. LOVE them! Even as I was cooking the grits, my house began to smell exactly like my grandmother's!! Such a wonderful, warm feeling! Maybe that the trick to a "home".. getting it to smell like grits! haha! ;) I didn't get a pic of them, but I can assure you that they turned out INCREDIBLE!!! You have to try the recipe! :)

When we left Chris' parents, we headed to my grandmother's for dinner (late lunch) and to help her open her pool for the summer. I even made a treat for her house too! (look at me!! apparently I was channeling Betty Crocker this weekend.. ha!) I decided to make Banana Pudding.. a family classic and a BIG hit! Really, I was just dying to use my new trifle dish! haha! And wouldn't you know.. it turned out PEFECT!

look at those layers.. LOVE it!

We spent a long afternoon at Grams, but the pool is almost ready for summer swimming!! Now, that I'll be home full time with the kiddos, I anticipate ALOT of time poolside in our future! :)

I hope all you sweet Mamas had a wonderful Mother's Day!

This weekend, we celebrate Lilly Kate's Kindergarten Graduation!!! I still can not believe that my baby is graduating KINDERGARTEN!!! She's still supposed to be 2yrs old begging for Elmo movies!! ;) Where does the time go??


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