Wednesday, May 12

Wishful Wednesday .. Throwing it away..

This week's Wishful Wednesday topic is regret. Wishing we hadn't thrown away or given up something. I tried really hard to think of something tangible that I may have tossed out, but I couldn't come up wiht anything. Oh, I'm sure there is something.. I just couldn't think that hard this early in the morning! ha! But one thing did keep coming to mind...

'I wish' .... I hadn't thrown away my years of ballet!!

Yes.. I was a ballerina! We're talking like 16+ years of training here!! I started when I was 2 years old and contined all the way through my freshman year at Ole Miss! And then.. DONE! I had just had enough.. gave it up! AHHH! It still drives me crazy! I honestly wish my parents would have just refused to let me quit!

I absolutely LOVED it and was good at it! (if I must say so myself.. haha!) I had dreams of NYC, Broadway.. oh, the visions! Now, dont get me wrong. I can't sing a lick, so Broadway was probably not in my future.. but a girl can dream, right?! ;) In fact, my real dream was to be a Rockette. But seeing as how I can't just magically wish 5 inches to add to my height overnight, that probably wasn't going to happen either! But a dream is a dream and mine were HUGE!

Funny how life changes things, huh?! One day I was dreaming of Broadway and the next I was joining a sorority and immersing myself in college life! But, I really do wish I had never given it up. Even if I had never made it to NYC, I think I would still be dancing. Heck, even if to just get the baby weight off! lol

As soon as LK was old enough to begin classes, I signed her up! I know you're not supposed to "live life through your children", but I can't help but just light up when I see her on stage. I admit.. I secretly have my Broadway hopes and dreams for her too! :) (and she CAN sing!! ha!)

On another note.. today Barnes & Noble is offering a FREE digital download of Angie Smith's new book! I went and downloaded a copy to my eReader on my iPhone! Go here to get it!! :)



Lindsay said...

Stopping by from wishful weds! Love your blog! AND that book looks great! Thanks for sharing! :)

Neely said...

I took ballet for 16 years and I feel ya. Im like wow what a waste I do nothing with this tallent. LK is so precious

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I took ballet for only 3 years and just wish I was as skilled as you and your 16 years. WOW!!!!

Jacqueline said...

Uhm....why didn't you post pictures of you in a tutu...thats what I wanted to see! Hah! :)