Monday, May 24

Kindergarten Graduation & "Jellybean" Pool Party!

Well, Friday was THE DAY.. Kindergarten Graduation Day! I still just absolutely can not believe that my sweet girl has graduated from Kindergarten!! It seems like just yesterday that we were preparing for her to walk through those big ole doors and now she's walking out! Oh My! She's just getting way too big right before my eyes! On the way to school on Friday (her last day), she even told me that since she is now a First Grader, she should be allowed to wear lip gloss to school!!! WHAT??! Pretty soon we'll be having fights over make-up and curfew! ha! And believe me.. she doesn't need the lip gloss.. the boys are ALREADY starting to notice how pretty she is! Earlier last week, she came home telling us how some boys called her a "Hot Tamale"! If you know my husband, then I'm sure you can imagine how well THAT went over! haha! He is VERY nervous about his baby growing up! ;)

LK's last day of Kindergarten!
Her last day couldn't have been more sweet! The morning started off with a music program that was just too cute! The kids sang, danced and played instruments for almost an hour!! I didn't even know that LK could play all those instruments! Kids never cease to amaze you!!

She was so excited that MeMaw, Goo Goo, Grandma Smith and even Aunt Debbie were able to come! Aunt Debbie works in her school (she teaches 4th grade), so she was able to get someone to watch her class.

The funniest part was when we looked up and saw LK putting on this huge, furry mask! We all just died laughing in anticipation of what we were in for! Little did we we know, but our overly dramatic 6 year old had landed the part of the "troll under the bridge" in the "Three Billy Goats Gruff" song! It was HILARIOUS! And of course, she played it up to no end! haha!

I took LOTS of video, so I'll try to post those later this week! They ended the program with a Shirley Temple classis, "The Right Somebody To Love"! I cried like a baby! :)
After the music program, we went back to the classroom for an awards ceremony. Mrs. Jeffrey had awards for all the students. Of course, Lilly Kate came home with the Miss Congeniality award! HA! We all just died with laughter when her name was called. Mrs. Jeffrey has been just an incredible teacher this year. We are SO blessed that Lilly Kate got to start off her school career with her.

Bailey and LK! Goodness.. I have no idea what these girls are going to do without each other everyday!! Luckily, I think Bailey is going to spending one day a week at our house this summer!! YAY!!

This is Mrs. Jeffrey, Kavia (Bailey's mom) and myself. I have absolutely LOVED being a room mom with Kavia this year!!

The scrapbook that Mrs. Jeffrey made for each student. It was filled with pictures and artwork from the entire year!!! How sweet is that?!

My Room Mom gift!! Each childs handprint was on the planter! It was so incredible thoughtful! And yes.. it weighs A TON!!! It took every bit of energy I had to get it out of the car!

After the ceremony, the kids left with my mom for the day. They went to lunch and swam at Goo Goo's house! It gave me the perfect opportunity to run a few errands! I went by one of my favorite gift boutiques, More Than Words, in Germantown and picked up a little goodie for Mrs. Jeffrey. She had invited the entire class and their families over for a pool party that night! I definitely couldn't go empty handed! :) She lives right down the street from us in Collierville and her home is GORGEOUS!! We had a blast swimming and chatting. The weather could not have been more perfect!

she was so nervous about little adventurous Ethan falling in, that she held on tight! he thought this was hilarious! he adores her and even gave her a big ole smooch when we were leaving! ha!

This was such a perfect start to our weekend!! I just can't believe that I know have a FIRST GRADER and a PRESCHOOLER!! (E starts in the fall!) Where does the time go??!


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Candice Lynn said...

I absolutely cannot wait to see you and your kiddos in a couple of weeks.

You look BEAUTIFUL in these pictures :)