Sunday, May 2

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto!

Wow! If you're watched The National Weather Chanel at all this weekend, then I'm sure you've heard about the storms that Memphis saw this weekend. It was ridiculous!! The thing about was that I think only ONE tornado was actually spotted, but I can promise you that our sirens went off at least TWENTY times over the course of 24 hours!! We had the kid's in and out of the closet several times during Saturday. At one point Saturday, it did get a little frightening for us. There was a storm with a possible funnel cloud going right through Lakeland and we got quite a blow! The trees out front were almost flat and lightening was hitting the street lights and causing them to blow. (big blue flames are enough to make any mama VERY nervous!!) After that storm cell passed though, it wasn't too rough. Needless to say, we didn't get hardly anything accomplished this weekend!

Lilly Kate had a fun Friday night, though!! Friday was her friend Bailey's birthday, so Bailey's mom treated the two girls to dinner at Chick-Fil-A, a mani & pedi at Sweet and Sassy and a trip to Build-A-Bear!! Of course, the girls got matching nails and matching bears! Bailey kept saying that she and LK were like "twins". Bailey's mom said, "Well, Bailey, your skin is a little darker than Lilly Kate's." So, Bailey responded with, "It's ok, Mom!! It's like I'm chocolate and she's vanilla!!" How stinkin' cute!! Gosh - I just love that Bailey! :) I hope these two girls continue to be the best of friends! They really are two peas in a pod!

Bailey and Lilly Kate

Here we are Saturday morning in the closet. Unfortunately the only inside room that we have in our house is our pantry!! Can you believe that.. the buidlers definitely weren't thinking on that one! Luckily, it right under the staircase.. but.. it's only big enough for the kids! ha! So, Chris and I are just out of luck if a tornado really does it! ;) I took everything out of the bottom and lined it with pillows and blankets and sat in front of the kiddos. As the storm was getting closer, Dixie kept getting more and more nervous. She kept climbing over me to lick the kids heads to make sure they were ok. It was so sweet to watch.

During one of the breaks in the storms... yes, that is my son letting his sister play "beauty shop" with him!! Oh goodness! ha!

Saturday night, the sirens went off again, so I went out to the front porch to move the adirondak chair over toward the wall. I was so worried that the strong winds would just pick it up and move it. So, I moved the chair and then moved the wreath on the front door. Right when I moved it a little birdie landed on my foot!! I hadn't even noticed the nest on the wreath!! I felt terrible!! I quickly put the wreath back on the door, scooped up the birdie and put it back in nest and of course went for the camera! ha! Turns out that we have 5 little birdie friends on our front door! They're adorable!! :) We're hoping Mama Bird didn't get blown away in the storm! We've yet to see her.

Sunday, Chris and I completed our New Members Class at church, so we are now officially members!! :) Scratch #10 off my list!! We also had another HUGE accomplishment... ETHAN IS POTTY TRAINED!! Ok, now that I've typed that, he'll probably completely regress! ha! I am so excited though!! Hopefully, I have finally bought my last package of pull-ups! :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend and if you live in the mid-south area, I hope you are all safe and sound from the storms!! :)


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Southerland Living said...

I'm glad you guys are OK! This weather has been nasy! Knox has hardly got anything that is! Ethan is so sweet to let LK play beauty shop!!