Wednesday, May 19

work.. work.. and more work..

These days I have just been overloaded with projects to be working on! It truly is a blessing though. Not many people can say that they LOVE their job.. I DO! :) I love having 500 million orders to complete and ship out! It keeps my creative juices flowing AND keeps me out of Target! (always a plus!! ha!) ;) Here a few things I've done in the past few days..

First, my friend, Cassie, is starting up her own photography business. She is WONDEFUL!! I am in love with every picture she posts! So, I was beyond excited when she sent me an email asking me to create a logo for her. At first I was really nervous b/c I had never done a logo OR even thought about doing one. But for her.. I'd give it a try! I was SOOO embarrased to send her the ones I came up with though! ;) But.. believe it or not.. she like them! Whew.. relief! ha! She's asking everyone to comment on her blog or on facebook and let her know which design is your favorite! So go give your opinion! :) I'm even more excited that "payment" for my logos is... A FREE PHOTO SESSION!!! HORRAY!!! :) I am just blown away that she even LIKED them.. let alone that other people do! lol Since she's posted it on FB and her blog, I've received several emails from others asking for logos too! Gosh, I didn't even know I could DO logos! haha! Very flattering and sweet though! :) And hey.. I'll give anything a try!

Another project that I've been finishing up this week is LK's Kindergarten Graduation invitations and announcements! I absolutely LOVE how they turned out!!! VERY LK! :) She loves them and was so excited to send them out to everyone! All family member living in Memphis got the invite to the party and all out-of-town family members and friends got the announcement! I still just CAN NOT believe that I will be watching my sweet baby graduate from Kindergarten on Friday! I will most definitely need an entire box of tissue!

I also finished up a project for my sweet friend, Natasha! If you follow her blog, then you know that she's planning a Bachelorette Party for her best friend, Meg. She asked me to create a few decor goodies for her and they turned out SO CUTE! This is her first glimpse of them.. N, they're on their way to you! :) ENJOY!! (and thank you to you and Candice for thinking of me to do them!)

I also made up the most adorable invitations for our sweet friend, Makenzie's, birthday party! Ethan and Miss M are just a few days apart and just love playing together! (her mommy, amber, is pretty great too!) ;) We can't wait to have fun with the slip-n-slides at her party! :)

I also accomplished a task that I've been putting off for the LONGEST time!! I FINALLY hung up the kid's paper art roll in the playroom! (and put down the splat mats from Taylor's Giveaway) I LOVE how it looks in their playroom and they LOVE drawing on it! Now, just maybe, Ethan will refrain from coloring on the walls!! (ha! probably NOT!)

It looks like the rest of the week may be easy going, as I'm shipping most of my orders this afternoon. But then again, I always think that! ;)
I hope everyone is having a GREAT week!!



Nicci said...

Love your logo! I know some of the babies on it! :)
I would love to get some things made for a Bachelorette party this summer! The party is the weekend of July 9-12 so I will be in touch! You are so talented!!!!

Southerland Living said...

LOVE all your work! So creative!

Sara said...

Ohmygoodness, I love your blog, & I love your work! I am so excited to follow! =)

Trish said...

Natalie, you are AMAZING! Those kindergarden graduation announcements are the best and I LOVE what you did for your girlfriend, the banner and circle tags are TOO SWEET!!! I so need to pay you to do some things for me!!

Tiffany said...

I love it all!! The photos are gorgeous, the invitations are precious, the fabulous! I'm running out od adjectives!