Tuesday, May 11

Top 2 Tuesday ... Dream Houses

Top 2 Tuesday is all about dream houses today! How fun!!

I have to admit, lately I've been crazy about all things houses!! Maybe it's because Chris and I are at that stage where we want to find our "forever home" and we also know that we already need LOTS more room in our house! We knew when we bought our current house that we were only going to stay there a few years and we've reached that point. We're already talking about moving.

Right now, we live in the city. We live on the outskirts, so our roads are winding and quiet, but about 7 min from our house it the mall, Target, grocery.. everything. And I like this! I'm definitely not a country girl, but with children, I like the idea of being away from the big city. I love the idea of small towns and lots of land. More and more, C and I have been talking about building a house near my grandparents. They live northeast of Memphis, sort of inbetween Memphis and Jackson... still only about 25-30 min from the city limits though. They do have a Walmart and a Kroger though, so now if they can just get a Target and maybe a HobLob out there... I AM SO MOVING! haha!

I dont necessarily like "BIG" houses. I am drawn more to Southern, cottage-style homes. I dont like a lot of brick. I love when something just looks warm and inviting. I want something that will be "home" forever. Even as our children get older and move away.. they will always know where home is! I love houses that are just full of "family" rooms... mudrooms, hearth rooms, sitting areas, playrooms/study rooms, jack & jill baths, outdoor living areas... rooms that just bring people together!

I searched the Southern Living house plans and found a few that I love..

I just love how this one has several entrances and porches! And the outdoor fireplace on the porch is just to die for! If you look at the plans (link above), you'll see how open and airy the home is. This is a definite must for me! I love open plans with LOTS of windows!!

{2} House Plan 2

This house is just AMAZING!! I love every single detail about it! Right down the the Guest Cottage in the back. I would LOVE to make that a complete Guest House for my Grandmother! It has everything I want in a house.. a seperate office, a veranda, a huge open floor plan with a family room, a DRESSING AREA (oh, yes.. please!), a seperate porch by the garage - perfect for a mud room!, an incredible courtyard and entrance way, and the potential for a ridiculously cute sitting area upstairs!

Here are a few decor Must-Haves for my deam home:

Comfy, Elegant furniture.

This room is definitely my style! Light colors, lots of yellow and light woods, the wicker, the jute rugs.. LOVE it! I like casual and easy... furniture that makes you want to just plop right down and chat!

Kitchen - I like big, open spaces! I love farmhouse sinks! I like things to be simple, non-cluttered. I also dont like a lot of color in the kitchen. I love the statement that the gray cabinets makes below.. just enough color!

And who doesn't love a white kitchen! Goodness, what I would do for a white kitchen. Just plain GORGEOUS!

I love simple, clean lines in every room of the house. I'm just not about a lot of fuss! I adore the bathroom below! How incredible is that tile?!

Another thing my dream home must have... a butler's pantry! I just love the idea of open shelving! Nothing big.. just a hallway with built-in shelves would do me just fine! :)

MUDROOM! Oh.. I must have you! I have decided that no matter what, even if I have to give up other "pretties" in my home.. I have to have a mudroom! With having two very active chilren and two VERY big dogs, I have learned that this is not so much a luxury as a NEED! Again, nothing big.. just a little big of organization and easy to clean flooring! :)

I love in the house below you can see the "farmhouse" style garage doors and the double doors! I LOVE double doors!!

This is actually my friend, Leigh, on her front porch. I just LOVE her double doors!! (and the wreaths!!)

I love the arches below with the transom windows!

What home isn't complete without an outdoor living area?!

complete with super cute furniture...

Last, but not least, we have to have an awesome playroom/study area!! Wouldn't my kids just love this...

So.. that's my dream home! (and all it's essentials! ha!) Luckily, my husband and I have pretty similar tastes, so maybe one day I'll actually get it! :)



Kristen said...

gorgeous! I love mud rooms and pantries too. When I went on the parade of (way out of my price range) homes. The pantries were my favorite part...well that and the HUGE bathrooms!

Beth McC. said...

Love all your pictures!! That Kitchen is Amazing! Hope you are having a great day! YOur blog is too cute!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

love those!!!!! we have the same taste! And I want to be in the country but still within 20 mins from Target haha!

Amber Dawn said...

oooh ooooh! I love your house choices...I want the white kitchen too but I'm a little nervous about it now with a little one. I'm trying to picture it with paint,crayons etc everywhere on it too. :)