Friday, May 7


Well, as of May 31st 2010, I will be a full-time stay at home mom!

Up to this point, I have still worked part-time while Ethan was in school. It wasn't much, but it was about 20hrs a week of extra money that came in handy every now and then. :) I've been with my company for 4 years, first as full-time and then part-time after Ethan was born, so it's all a little bittersweet.

I am looking forward to a fun summer with my kiddos though!! We already have a schedule FULL of ballet lessons and ballet camps, sports classes for E, SWIMMING at GooGoo's pool!!, the ZOO, the Children's Museum.. storytime at DK.. the pink palace and lichterman nature center! Goodness.. the list goes on! This will be LK's first summer to not have school. Even when she was in Mother's Day Out, they always had a summer session that lasted a few weeks. We just won't know what to do with ourselves!! ;)

So, please pray for our family as we learn to adjust to this "new way of life"! Please pray for me that I dont find myself shopping at Target every day, just to give myself something to do.. that could be REAL bad!! haha! Pray for my kiddos that I dont end up going off the deep end on one of them during the course of our summer!! haha! (i'm kidding, but you moms know EXACTLY what i mean!! ha!) Learning to live on one income is going to be tough and at times stressful, but I feel like we're in the right place and doing the right thing. I mean, babies are only babies once. I need to take advantage of this time I have with them NOW!! Pretty soon, they wont want us around at all! They'll be "grown'! ;) So, we're really looking forward to this and "giving it all to God". We're putting our faith and trust in Him to lead us in the right direction.

So.. here's to 24 hours a day of full-time Mommy-hood! :)


Love from Texas said...

aww i know how happy this must make you - congrats! enjoy your babies, but be careful... the target thing is really hard ;)

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Natasha said...

congrats natalie!!! so exciting for your family and i know the kids will LOVE it!