Monday, May 24

Weekend Randoms!

Here are just a few random pics from the weekend...

LK and her Miss Congeniality award!

Saturday morning, Ethan decided to dress himself.. a sweater, a cardigan and jean shorts!! OH - and the blue glasses was just such a nice accent!! Yes, I let him go to Walmart like this.. and yes, he fit right in with all the other crazies! haha!


she is SUCH a daddy's girl!!

On Saturday afternoon, we went to Miranda's birthday party! Miranda is in LK's class. She and her mom are too sweet and the party was a blast!!

The best part of the weekend.... picking up my monogramming machine!!! (why we went to Walmart!) I am SOOOO excited to try it out!! :)



Tiffanie said...

Aw, you're so sweet and what a great picture you got! Miranda really loved having Lilly Kate there! That made her day!! Thanks so much for coming.

Valerie said...

OH my goodness, your kids are the cutest!!! What beautiful pictures!


Miss Southern Prep said...

I just found your cute blog, and your kids are adorable! I'm so jealous of your monogram machine!