Friday, March 5

21 Days ...

Day 12:
todays challenge:
We all make mistakes.
We all need another chance.
Today you get that opportunity in regards to these challenges.
It's Do Over Day.
Pick one of the previous challenges that maybe you weren't ever so successful at....
And try for it again.
Practice makes perfect.

Day 13:
todays challenge:
Ahhhh, Friday.
Time to unwind and relax.
I am ordering you to do just that today.
Your challenge is to find a way to relax and

and if this doesn't put you in a jovial mood to help start that relaxation.. i dont know what will...
he insisted on "peepee-ing" standing up!! OH BOY!!!! ;)

Enjoy your Friday and weekend! We have a busy one planned, but definitely looking forward to it! :)


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Jen said...

Just found your blog through Kelsey's - it is adorable!