Sunday, March 7

Go Wild! Macon Hall Carnival 2010!

Friday night, we all headed up to LK's school for their annual spring carnival! This year the theme was "Go Wild", so everthing was decorating in jungle stuff! It was all so cute! Our class had the "Dinosaur Dig" booth! It took us about an hour to set up, but I think it turned out really great! It was definitely the most decorated booth of the night! :)

See what I mean?! It looks great! Took just a little time and only cost about $30!

Diggin' for Dinos!

The kids playing some of the other games!

We had a blast! LK even won the silent auction item that she was bidding on... dinner with Mrs. Jeffrey (her teacher) and a friend at McDonald's and a trip to the dollar store for a toy! She was SOO excited!!

Saturday, unfortunately, the kids woke up with slight fevers, so they stayed home with Daddy while I went to Gracie's birthday party! Our sweet friend, G, turned 3 years old! Where does the time go?! Haley put together the sweetest pajama party and G seemed to have the best time! After I got home from the party, we packed them up (with lots of medicines) and headed to MeMaw's and Big Daddy's so they could spend the night.

The weather has been spectacular this weekend and we are definitley enjoying it! :)


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Natasha said...

How cute is this???? I swear your kids are going to be the lucky ones because their mom is so creative... I know who I'll be asking for tips someday =)