Tuesday, March 2

getting caught up ...

Goodness - where did the time go?! This past weekend just sort of flew right by! We really didn't do a whole lot, but I certainly was busy. By the end of last week, I was up to my elbows in notecard and invitation orders. (although, definitely not complaining!) So, this weekend was dedicated to working on all those orders. Here's a few...

and this ridiculously cute baby shower banner!!! i just love how it turned out!

Other than that, not a lot went on. Chris picked up poison oak from somewhere, so he spent a good part of Saturday morning at the minor med for a steriod shot. He just LOVED that!! (esp the shot in the behind! ha!) Saturday was extremely nice outside, so we got out and ran a few errands and did a little overdue shopping. We all settled in Saturday night for "Family Movie Night" and rented some great flicks. The kids picked out their faves and C & I picked out "Away We Go". It turned out to be a really cute movie! I was pleasantly surprised! :)

Sunday, we went to church in the morning and then went back in the evening. Chris and I have a joined a young couple's small group, with about 5-6 other couples our age. We all have small children too. We are REALLY looking forward to it. We definitley feel as though these are people who we can relate too and are traveling the same path as us in life. It's something that we've really been searching for lately, so it's such a nice feeling to know that you just might have found it! :)

I'm sure you remember the super cute monogrammed items that my sweet friend, Adair sent me from this post. I promised to update when I got the rest of the loot. Well, the other day she sent me LK's shirts! ADORABLE!!! We absolutely LOVE Adair's items!!! I can't wait to place my summer order! :)

Now.. to get caught up in "21 Days".. (i did these on the correct days.. i just didn't post.. SORRY!!) ;)

Day 6:
todays challenge:
Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to stop and rest in God's presence.
And instead at the end of the day, as we're drifting off to sleep, we give him what's left.
If even that.
But how much better would things be, if we began AND ended our day with intentional time with Him?
Today's your chance.
Wake up a few minutes early and spend that time being with Him.
And at the end of the day, before you're even a tad bit sleepy, sit aside time to be with Him once again.
Make it personal.
Make it intentional.
And see how it may just be the sweetest time you've had all day.

Day 7:
todays challenge:
Today's challenge is simple.
Find a way to help a stranger.
Be creative!

Day 8:
todays challenge:
Doing something fun today.
Dance in the living room.
Have a picnic in the park.
Go shopping.

Day 9:
todays challenge:
Let's start getting things DONE!
You know that to do list that you've been staring at or thinking of for FOREVER?
Today you get to tackle one of those tasks that has just not been attended to for
quite some time.
You will feel SUCH a sense of relief when it's finally crossed off the list.

Day 10:
todays challenge:
We're almost half way there!!!
And with 11 more days to go, we definitely need to be working on patience.
Let today's focus be on just that.
Lots of deep breaths.

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Nicci and Virginia said...

Love the banner so much! Thank you so much for doing it for me!!