Thursday, March 11

tomorrow is another day ...

Gosh - Where do I even begin?! The past two days have just been unbelievably a mess!

Let's see... it started Wednesday afternoon. Ya'll know how we got Huck right before Christmas. Well, while we're gone for a few hours in the afternoons (taking kids to and from school), I keep the dogs in the kitchen. We have stone tiles in there, so there's not much for them to mess up (besides my window sills - but that's an entire different story!).. so, I barracade all the doorways with babygates and leave them be. I just dont have the heart to crate him while Dixie roams around. :( Well, this has been our routine since Huck joined the family and it has worked out great!

That is until I walked in the door yesterday and realized that I let them inside right before I left home and DIDN'T put the baby gates up!!! AHHHH!!!! What was I thinking?! I immediately came over with panic just knowing that I was going to walk into a destroyed couch and wicker ottoman. Much to my surprise though, nothing was destroyed.. other than a few magazines! (but he probably did my bank account a favor with that one! ha!) The only thing a mess was the carpet in the living room and master bedroom. Luckily, I shut the kid's rooms doors and playroom door, so he couldn't get in there. Before I let them in, they had been outside to potty so their paws were muddy. Well, for some unknown reason, I dind't wipe them off when I let them in.. SO.. MUD.. LOTS AND LOTS of MUD was ALL.OVER.THE.CARPET! There was a complete trail from the kitchen, up the stairs and ALL.OVER.MY.BED!! But in the grande scheme of things, I was EXTREMELY thankful for nothing being destroyed!

So... I spent most of late yesterday afternoon and last night cleaning the mess, washing bed linens and de-doghair-fying my entire house! By bedtime, I was beyond exhausted!

To top it off, Ethan was in the worst mood in the world last night! Chris and I chalked it up just not getting a full nap. However we were quickly proved wrong come 5am this morning! (as if the dogs didn't create enough of a mess....)

It all started at 5am! We heard the painful squeal of a child who is sick and discovered that E had thrown-up all over himself! Chris moved him into our bed and then got up and got ready for work. He left for work and Ethan slept till around 7:30. I thought that it may have just been a fluke, so I got them up and attempted to get ready for school. OH NO! Ethan's stomach definitely had other plans! He proceeded to throw up SEVERAL times within the hour... all over me.. all over the kitchen.. all over the living room carpet... I could go on! So, needless to say, we very quickly got LK to school (before he had to chance to throw up in my car!) and went straight back home. Now, Ethan has definitely had stomach viruses before, but usually it just consists of really bad diapers. I've never seen him actually throw up like this before! I felt just terrible for him!!

So - I spent the next several hours RE-WASHING everything that I had washed the night before AND RE-CLEANING and Lysoling EVERYTHING in the house! (my hands are raw from the lysol and kitchen cleaner!)

Well, I was scheduled to attend a function at LK's school, so I managed to get E to my grandmother's house for a few hours. Luckily, he slept on the way, so we managed to get there with no icidents! I went to LK's function (i'll post more on that tomorrow!!) and then we went to pick E up. The ride home was incredibly more eventful than the ride there! We were just almost home when all of a sudden i heard the dreaded "pre-gag" and LK's super-loud-exrtremely-girly screetch... and then it happened.. PROJECTILE VOMIT! Yes, it was all over him.. his blanket.. his car seat.. the entire back seat (thankfully I have leather and will never NOT own leather seats from this day on!) and the back of my seat! OH.MY.GOSH! I can handle alot as a mom. Dirty diapers ain't got nothin' on me! ha! But I DO NOT handle throw up! I am the worst. Chris is the "throw up parent"! I still dont know how I made it the rest of the way home. I was gagging, about to follow up in getting sick. LK was screaming! And, of course, E was crying hysterically!

So - We ran in the house and Ethan took his 3rd bath of the day, I took my 2nd and LK proceeded to call my mom and my grandmother to share the joyous events! WHAT A DAY!! (well, two days actually!) I dont think I've ever been so glad for one day to end! So - in the words of Miss Scarlet.. "Tomorrow IS another day!" (and here's to no throw up!) :)



Tiffanie said...

haha, I use this quote a lot!! Always seems to make me calm down a bit for some reason. lol. It was good to see you yesterday. LK looked adorable, hope Ethan gets to feeling better soon. And I hope no more tummy issues in your future. Take Care.


K.C. said...

Oh No! I hope he gets to feeling better and that no one else gets it!

Tiffany said...

Oh gosh! So sorry for all of the messes you had to deal with but so glad nothing was really destroyed!

Love from Texas said...

oh bless his heart :( it's so pitiful when they're sick! i'm the same way with throw-up, yuck. ...and i'm a nurse!