Monday, March 15

Still Recuperating!

Well, Stomach Virus 2010 didn't hit just Ethan.. NOPE! It decided to hit ALL of us! I started feeling sick Friday afternoon and LK started getting sick around 2am Saturday morning. Then Chris started feeling bad last night and is home from work today! :( This has just been awful!!

So, that pretty much meant that we spent the weekend at home! Other than cleaning throw-up stains (btw- the "rug doctor" that you can rent at the grocery is THE BEST carpet cleaner in the world!!! it got up the worst stain EVER on my carpet!) we didn't do much!

I did manage to applique a few shirts for the kiddos. I had picked up some long sleeve T's at Target a few weeks ago, so I had been waiting on some extra time to sit down and make them for LK. I got PLENTY of it this weekend... ha! I think they turned out super cute! Perfect for spring! She LOVES them!

I made one for E too... he, of course, had to put it on right away! ha!

Before I got sick on Friday, I went by the PBO yet again - I promised Chris that I would wait at least 2 weeks before going again.. haha! - and found some more super great deals!

I found two bookcases for the playroom for $40 each!

And this super cute Art Easel for $10! I am LOVING the new playroom additions!!

The playroom is FINALLY coming together!

Now, in the big empty space below, between the easel and art table, there will be a giant paper roll for the wall...

like this one..

It's been sitting in the closet for almost a year now.. just waiting for the walls to get painted! ha! I refuse to put it up and then have to take it right back down again. SO.. hopefully soon the walls will get painted, the paper roll will go up, the recliner will get reupholstered and the room will be D.O.N.E! YAY! :)

So, with the room finally coming together, we spent alot of time playing in there this weekend..

We loved playing board games, watching movies and just having a ball! It was actually nice that we were all stuck at home together!

OH - see these cuties?! I found them at the flea market, of all places for $12!! (for the pair!) They had awful gold plastic seat covers, so I recovered them and VOILA.. adorable! :)

Well, I hope the bug leaves our house VERY soon!! We are ready to get out and about! Have a great week! :)



Natasha said...

bless your heart!!!! glad everyone is almost back to their old selves again... and blast for another PBO run!!! i'm jealous missy

Love from Texas said...

hate to hear yall are sick but the playroom looks great! i can't wait to get in to a house with one... i'm so sick of my living room being taken over by tonkas and legos. LOVED all your goals too!

Mr and Mrs. Stoneking said...

Looks like a KIDS world! Tons of stuff for the kiddos... I'm loving it! Hope you guys start feeling better! New follower :)