Friday, March 12

E is for Elegant!

Yesterday, Lilly Kate's class held an "Elegant" Party for "E" week! I thought that it was just the most adorable idea! They, of course, dressed Elegantly, ate Eclairs and learned all about Etiquette!

The kids really seemed to enjoy themselves! :) I was blown away by all the parent involvement! I am so lucky to be a room mom to such a great group of kids and parents!

LK and her sweet friend, Miranda!

being Escorted in by Mr. Nathan!

such class.. HA!

One of the boy's Dad is a chef! So, Chef Sumpter came in to make strawberry crepes for the moms the kids! ;)

LK and Mrs. Jeffrey!

E cookies!

LK and her best friend, Bailey! Two peas in a pod, these two! :)

learning how to dance... SO STINKIN' CUTE!

This little boy came runnning over to ask LK to dance! :)

Nicholas and Lilly Kate - Kindergarten Prom 2010! (btw-chris about had a meltdown looking at these pics! ha!)

Bailey and Christian

me and my girl! i am one proud mommy!

I LOVED the Elegant Party! I know the kid's did too! Kindergarten has been so incredibly fun!

On another note - we have been throw up free ALL DAY! Thank goodness! Hopefully no one else in the house will get this bug and we will have an incredible weekend! :) Hope you all do too!



Paige said...

These pictures just brought the biggest smile to my face. Children are so very sweet and I think this Elegant party is to precious! You daughter is beautiful!

Melissa and Cas said...

What a great idea for the letter "E". When I have children and they go to school I need to request that there be a child whose parent is a chef in my child's class! :) I love the dancing and it looks like they had candles....what a brave teacher!

Lisa said...

too cute!!