Sunday, March 21

Hello Spring!

Well, this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday were absolutely gorgeous here in Memphis!! Today... not so much! Cold, wet.. just plain gross! Spring is definitely coming though.. I can just feel her!! :)

We definitely took advantage of the warmer weather for those few days though! :) The kids were able to get outside and play! (and wear shorts!! Ethan was SO happy about that!)

We also headed out to one of our favorite restaurants... Bahama Breeze! It was incredible to sit on the patio and enjoy the sunshine! And no, I did not partake in the Bahama Ritas.. although I REALLY wanted too! I was a responsible parent that day! lol :)

You can tell that this was dinner time, after a looonng day with the kids.. ha! I look rough, to say the least! :)

On Saturday, we all woke up early and headed to Collierville to do a little shopping. Before we started our shopping though, we ate at Crepe Maker! We LOVE Crepes... not such a big fan of Crepe Maker though! We can definitely make better ones at home! My all-time favorite crepes are from a little "stand" on Pier 39 in San Francisco.. The Crepe Cafe! YUM! After the crepes, it was time for a little shopping! Luckily, Mommy was armed with a "Friends & Family" coupon for all the Gap stores, so we racked up on good deals! :)

After we left the mall, we headed into Germantown to play at the park. The kids had a ball!

Luckily, the equestrian area right next to the park was having an event, so we got to watch for a little while. We just signed LK up for English riding lessons for spring and summer, so she got to see first hand what she was going to be learning how to do. She was SO excited!! She kept telling me that she wanted to do it, but I wasn't sure if she really knew what she was getting herself into.... well, I guess she does! She starts in a few weeks and couldn't be more ready! I am so excited for her! (and really, I can't wait to see her in the little outfit!) :)

I am so glad that we got out of the house and enjoyed the beautiful weather! Hopefully the rain moves out ASAP and spring comes to visit us again!!



Tiffanie said...

From your lips to God's ears on the spring weather!!! Also, I will have to try that crepe place next time I'm in San Fran. I'll ask my grandmother if she's been before. My Sunday school teacher makes some good ones too!! So glad you all had a nice weekend. See you around soon.

Southerland Living said...

Looks like a great weekend! I hope the rain gets out of Knoxville too!

Southerland Living said...
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Natasha said...

Ugh oh... I wonder if we stocked up on the same GAP essentials because of the coupon!! hahaha