Wednesday, March 3

so far this week & a new app!

This week is SO busy!!! And it's only Wednesday!! YIKES! I have yet again been swamped with orders to complete! And to top it off, I was sick in bed on Monday! I came down with the worst sinus headache along with nausea and chills. Thank goodness it was NOT the flu! (i was starting to get worried!) So, that meant that nothing was accomplished on Monday night! It has put be behind. Last night my sister and I went to our weekly yoga and zumba classes. Well, it kicked my butt!!! My arms and abs are definitely feeling the workout today! Yoga is NOT as easy as it looks! ha! So, today we've have tons of errands to run and more orders to finish tonight! Come on weekend!!! (although, that's not looking like it's going to slow down any either!)

Day 11:
todays challenge:
Are you ready for this?
I know, I know.
{unless of course you are at work...}
But only for work purposes.
Get off the dang computer and DO SOMETHING.
Hey, it could be worse.
It could be 21 days!

I have had an iPhone for a few months now and i LOVE it! I dont know how I ever lived life without it. MUCH of an improvement over the blackberry! However, I don't have cool apps! I'm just not that tech savvy, so I dont really now what's out there. I have the typical... Facebook, Twitter, my bank account, The Weather Chanel, Walgreens... I even have Shutterfly for pictures, DirecTV to set our DVR, WebMD for those quick questions, redbox, sportscenter, and urbanspoon.

OF COURSE, it's loaded with stuff for the kiddos, which has made the carpool line that much more enjoyable!

We have a construction truck game, lego game, chipmunks!, where's waldo, toy story mania!...
battleship, radio disney, pacman, the CUTEST curious george coloring page...
And of course, Highlights Hidden Pictures and a Disney Faries game! (among others)

BUT.. that's about it! Nothing really exciting! UNTIL YESTERDAY! My sweet sweet Cousin-In-Law, Kyndi, sent me the best app to-date!

The kate spade new york agenda!

I can't even begin to tell you how in love I am!!! I couldn't think of a more classy way to organize my day! Just like her line, it's classy, clean, elegant and colorful!

Here's how kate describes it..

never a dull moment.

brighten each day with the kate spade new york agenda application.
a daily calendar brimming with thoughts and suggestions for living stylishly,
the agenda application is a tool to aid in the art of joie de vivre.
pass an exhilarating hour,
savor a splendid day,
take the week with gusto,
and live a year with zeal with this charming application.

features include:
- daily events, news, and suggestions for stylish living
- monthly original artwork to be saved as a wallpaper or sent in greeting to a friend
- in-application event mapping
- fully editable calendar
- private sale information and secret sales for iphone and ipod touch users

iphone at kate spade

the best part... it's FREE!!! AND you can now get a ks iphone cover!! (yes, i have already purchased!!) :)

So, if you know of any other MUST HAVE apps!! Please help a Mama out! Save me from this world of all things 3-6yr olds! :)


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