Wednesday, March 3


This is a bit delayed, but almost a month ago, (i know.. WAY delayed!) Nicole from The Young Mama Blog gave me this fun award!

It's the Bogart Award!

"This award means you're really going places, Baby. You'll still be blogging about your great adventures 10 years from now, and I'll still be reading them."

Ok, so here are the rules for this award:
- link back to the blogger who sent me this award
- post where I would like to be in 10 years
- pass it on to 10 awesome bloggers

Let's see.. 10 years! Goodness, this takes some thinking! Well, I'll be 37! (WHAT!.. that's scary!) We will probably have one more little Stickles kiddo running around and SHE'LL (ha!) be about 8 or 9, E will be almost 13 and my sweet LK will be DRIVING! ----ok, maybe this imagination of 10 years down the road is a little too much for me to handle! ahh!--- Now that all the kids are in school, I'd love to go back to school and get a "big girl" job! ha! No need to stay home anymore!

Time to pass on ...
Caroline - simply smithwick
Jessica - love from texas

Have fun ladies!! :)



Natasha said...

Awww thanks Natalie!! Scary to think where we'll be in 10 years, but I will most certainly be reading about you, too =)

Anonymous said...

congrats on the fabulous award girl! Totally deserved! Thank you so much for thinking of me! Can't wait to show it off! Your the greatest! xoxo

Leigh said...

Thanks Natalie for the award!!