Sunday, March 7

Brett & Brittany: Married ... and a "Happy"!

Last night, Chris and I got together with TONS of old friends to celebrate the marriage of one of my closest high school friends. My friend, Brett, married the sweetest girl in the world, Brittany! And she was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! They were married at Bartlett United Methodist with a reception following at Hillwood @ Davies Plantation. Everything was just beautiful. It was so fun to see everyone and catch up! Definitely good preperation for our 10 year reunion next year! HA! We all had a blast!

Before the wedding Candice, Tiffany, Ricky, Chris and I headed up to Bahama Breeze for BahamaRitas & jerk shrimp! YUMM!!

Robbie and Rachel

One of the groomsmen, Zach. We've been friends since 2nd grade! LOVE him!

My Deaver!

The Boys! I guess sometimes things DONT change! Love them all!

My sweet friend and fellow blogger, Kelly! Go read about her ADORABLE new puppy, Mable Anne!

Today, we've just sort of relaxed around the house! I've done a little cleaning.. really b/c I wanted to test out my new "toy"! I've been eyeing the Shark Steam Mop for a while now, but couldn't bring myself to pay $90 for it! But this morning, Target advertised it for $59. I caved.. and luckily Chris did too!!! YAY! We headed to Target and brought it home! I LOVE it!! Good bye nastly mop water and expensive Swiffer refills.. HELLO steam mop! I think we're going to get along great! :)

He also said yes to a new embroidery/sewing machine!! (probably b/c he realized how much I just paid for Easter outfits.. ha!) SO - the search is ON! Any suggestions???



Love from Texas said...

you'll love the shark! it's the only reason our floors ever get mopped more than once a month!

and as far as a new machine... i definitely recommend a brother. but i'll tell you what i tell everyone who asks me about it just bc i wish somebody had told me... i went with the se350 because a friend had it and i knew she was happy with it. but if i could do it over i'd hold out for a little bit of an upgrade. mine will only hold a 4x4 hoop - which is fine for baby things, but i really wish i'd known enough to get one that holds AT LEAST a 5x7. but i LOVE the quality of my brother - for sewing and embroidery - and when i do upgrade ill for sure stick with another! but with whatever you choose, just be sure to do your research and find out hoop sizes :)

if you do get a brother, you'll also need the PES card software. another $120 but so worth it bc that's the only way you'll be able to use cute fonts and appliques bought online.

also - i got mine from walmart online. the site-to-store price was actually $60 cheaper than the in store price.

Neely said...

You look gorgeous!!!! I hope yall had a fun weekend :)

The Laney Family said...

i have a singer futura CE 150. i love mine. i also have a ton of monogram wizard fonts and appliques that i can give you! i have over 2000 appliques and the alpha paks that go with monogram wizard that you would not have to buy! let me know