Friday, March 5

Show Us Your Life: Typical Day

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Hi Ya'll! Ok - our typical day! Goodness.. where to begin! Our days are pretty much the same every day. Chris usually gets up at around 5:45 to get ready for work. So, that means that I'm typically up then too! (although, i definitley TRY to sleep!) The kids and I get out of bed at 7 (ok.. 7:30.. ha!) and start to get ready. I am always running around. There seems to always be a "catastrophe" (as LK would call it!) in the mornings. Whether is Ethan throwing all the clean clothes out of the hampers - like this morning - or the dogs running through the house with muddy paws! Always something! So, needless to say we are racing out of the house at 8:40 to get LK to school on time! Luckily, the school is a mere 4-5 min from home!

After we drop LK off at school, Ethan and I head to his school. He goes to school in East Memphis, so it takes us about 30min to get there with traffic.

After I drop Ethan off, I go to work! I still work while Ethan is in school.. only 10-2! It gives me just enough interaction with other adults to keep me sane! ha! (and i like the extra spending money!!!) :)

I leave work at 2 and head back to pick Ethan up. He gets out of school at 2:30. After I get Ethan, we usually have a list of errands to run before it's time to get Lilly Kate. Typically, it's either the grocery for dinner items or Hobby Lobby for fabric, ribbon, paper.. you name it!

At 3:40, we head to the carpool line to pick up LK. She gets let out about 3:55. We're usually home by 4:15. By that time, Chris is on his way home too!

Now, I am NOT a cook! Luckily, my husband is! (and he enjoys it!) So, if it's something easy for dinner, I'll go ahead and start it. But usually, he will start it once he gets home. I try to help with the sides when I can! ;)

We usually eat around 5:30 or 6 and then it's bath time! I would love to have bath time closer to bed time, but E is usually a complete mess after supper.. so it's necessary to make it right after! We typically watch something as a family till bedtime. Bedtime is at 8!

After the kids go to bed, Chris and I will either watch the tv shows that we have DVR'd or I will work on notecard orders that I need to complete. I also get everything ready for the next day.. lunches, clothes laid out, etc. We attempt to be in bed by 10, but that never happens! ha! I would say that 11 is more realistic. lol

And then it starts ALLL over again the next day! So, I may not get paid for a full-time job 8-5, but I definitely WORK 8-5! :) Don't we all though?! I really dont know how some moms do work full-time and raise children?! Kuddos to you!! There is no way that I could do it! Then again, I'm so blessed that I am able to afford to stay home with them as much as I am! Thank you, Chris!! You are the best! LOVE!

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