Tuesday, March 30

super cute outfits!

I was doing a little on-line shopping the other day and came accross one of my favorite stores for smocked clothing, jon jon's and dresses. I got ecstatic because they were having a HUGE sale!! I was able to stock up on some adorable cute outfits for the kids!! Now, I am really dying for my monogramming machine, so I can get them monogrammed! :)

I got several "bother/sister" outfits for the kids.. like this jon jon and matching pant set! SO CUTE!

i also got the same one in blue & red ... for Ole Miss games, of course! ;) (this one is a longall for E though instead of shorts - that way he can wear them in the fall for football games!)

again in houndstooth & yellow! I LOVE this one!

I went ahead and bought LK some white shirts to wear underneath everything for fall. And Ethan got some searsucker shorts!

I just love this little green apple jumpsuit! I can't wait to get his initials on the lapel!

This set is my absolute fave! HOW STINKING CUTE!!! I can't wait to see them in these this summer! :)

We are stocked up!! :) I am so happy with all their outfits!



The Laney Family said...

natalie!!! where did you find these??? I love them!

Angie S said...

Cute cute cute!! You found some great stuff!

Don, Emily and Ellie Pitt said...

So Leigh told me about this website...BAD IDEA. No really, I just ordered 8 smocked outfits for Ellie...under $170! I couldn't have bought 3 for that much at regular price! They had some super cute stuff! And I ordered some bigger sized stuff too. I need to quit buying baby sizes, she is growing out of them too quickly!