Tuesday, March 2

Tuesday's List - What's In Your Purse??

Oh goodness.. did Jessica pick a good one or what?! You never know what exactly you'll find in my purse. It's almost as if I'm Mary Poppins at times! ha!

First off.. the purse... this is my current handbag..

I, like Jessica, carried a larger handbag/baby bag instead of a purse for quite a while after Ethan was born. It's only been in the past 6-9 mos that I've switched back to an actual purse. It was just easier to load all of my stuff and his stuff into one bag. Now that he's in MDO and preschool, though, he typically has his little Stephen Joseph backpack that we take with us. Besides, he likes to be a big boy and wear it on his back! so cute!

Now... the contents... Mommy Essentials..

{1} KS wallet
- i keep all the important stuff... insurance cards.. not typically used credit cards.. things like that.

{2} VB Card Holder
- this has all the important stuff.. debit cards, costco card, extra cash (if i have any.. ha!) and my DL. If I lose this.. I lose my entire life!

{3} Checkbook
- this doesn't get used much.. really just to write those tuition payments every month.. ha!

{4} KS make-up case
- i dont really carry much makeup with me (i just buy the expense stuff that BETTER last all day!). but i do always have a container of mascarra and burt's bees! the rest of it is filled with hand lotion, hand sanitizer, emory board, extra hair bands, MOTRIN! and bobby pins. - i'm sooo interesting.. ha!

{5} KS sunglasses
- these baby's are a few years old now and begging to be retired!! looks like they will be joining my ever growing list of "Mother's Day Wants"! :)

{6} iPhone
- THE most important! i'd be lost for the entire day without it! it contains instant access to facebook, twitter, my emails, my bank accounts.. MY LIFE!

Mommy Must-Haves!

{1} Daily Planner - i love polka dots and happen to find this cute planner at Target one day! I just love it! And boy, does it fill up quick!

{2} Cold Medicine - i hate missing dosing times, so i carry one with me. i'm such a mom! ha!

{3} Hide-Away Pacifier - for those spur of the moment melt-downs! gotta be prepared! if his blanket would fit in my purse, i'd carry that too! :)

That's the whole kit and kaboodle! Somehow it all fits nicely in my not-too-big handbag! Complete with key fob that desperately needs to be replaced! And, of course, my point and shoot! NEVER leave home without it!! :)



Love from Texas said...

yeah i need me one of those VB id holders... enjoyed catching up on all my 'stickles news' today :) LOVE all the new sweet lemons things!

Lisa said...

Cute purse!

Joy said...

Love, love your Kate Spade!