Wednesday, March 17

Hallmark really DOES say it best!

The other day, while I was grocery shopping, I came across the cutest cards! They are from a Hallmark line called "One Tough Chick". They are FOR women FROM women, and definitely speak the truth! They cover everything from Breast Cancer to divorces. I picked two up for two of my sweet friends going through a rough time right now. I thought they could use a good laugh! :) These are some of my faves...
inside reads: " You can cope with anything if you have a friend and a good "F" word subsitute!"
inside reads: " The STUPID JERK-FACE side & yours." (HAHAHA!! - LOVE IT!)

inside reads: "I'm here if you need me. No Charge!"
inside reads: " But if it sucks the cancer right out of you, then 'YAY, CHEMO!' "

I'm sure we all have precious friends who could use a (hilarious) word of encouragement! Go pick one up!! :)



Angie S said...

Awesome cards.

I never have time to read cards in the grocery store anymore...I miss that. I can't read with the kiddos being crazy in the shopping basket!!

Next time I am alone though I must do it! I would love to find some fun cards :)

Haley said...

I absolutely loved my card. How funny are those cards they are great! You are wonderful.