Wednesday, March 24

Top 2 Tuesday... a day late!

Sorry, I'm a day late! I had yoga and zumba yesterday afternoon and it kicked my butt! Although, I have to say, with a little over a month of classes under my belt.. I am already feeling stronger! YAY! I can tell a major difference.. and I LOVE the classes!! :)

Now.. onto the the Top 2 things that I can not live without! {besides my husband, kids, family... you know!}

{1} Coke

Preferably, an ice cold fountain coke from Sonic at about 2:15 in the afternoon.. just when "happy hour" starts! Seriously... it's enough to make my day! Coke is my vice. I dont smoke.. I really dont drink that much (other than a glass of wine every now and then - wouldn't know by looking at me now that I went to Ole Miss and was a whiskey fanatic! haha!).. I dont curse.. I dont drink any other forms of caffeine (coffee & tea). It's just Coke! I love it and must have it!

{2} my iPhone

it's true.. i'm addicted! but really.. how can you not be?? this one little device keeps me completely connected to the world around me! i love it!


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Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

love it! you whole thing about coke is just like me with dr.pepper!