Sunday, March 21

Sweet Friends!

On Saturday night my friend, Kimberly, was in town visiting. She invited all the girls over to her Mom's house to visit with each other. We all had such a great time chatting and catching up. And, of course, the kids all had fun playing together. I am so lucky to be blessed with such a great group of friends! We have all been together since high school, some of us even longer! I love them all so much!

LK and Gracie

Marc is one of my oldest friends and LK adores him!

April, Me & Kimberly

Ethan, Lincoln & Payten

we attempted to get a "kid" group picture... take 1..

and, take 2...

Chris & Marc

Sweet Miss Payten.. she LOVED the grapes! (and definitely gave the stingy boys a run for their money for hogging the grapes!)

the grapes were a huge it!

Haley, Emerson & Kelley

Kimberly & her sweet man, Lincoln

The girls & our girls!
April & Addyson, Me & LK, and Kelley & Payten

I LOVE these ladies!!

Emerson finally charmed Chris enough to pick her up! ha! I guess he forgot all about those "baby cooties" haha!

We had such a fun time! I always enjoy catching up with my favorites! And lots of thanks to Kim's brave mama for having all those kiddos in her home! ;) Good thing that not even half of us were there! lol I am already looking forward for the next get-together... May, I think?! I HOPE!



Angie S said...

I love your scarf! So cute :)

It looks like you guys had a great visit. There is nothing like getting together with great friends!!

Have a great week!

Candice Lynn said...

Yes, May! And this time I get to come :)

Tiffany said...

Cute! It looks like y'all had so much fun!