Wednesday, March 10

Good Buys!

So, just a few weeks ago, Pottery Barn closed their Memphis store. I about cried! Well, until they sent me a 20% off coupon, which I gladly used! :) They also completely renovated their outlet store, which is NOT closing! YAY! I've always liked the outlet better anyway! I went by the other day to see if they were finished with the renovations and luckily they're almost complete! They had also starting moving stuff back onto the floor and had GREAT sales!

I'm in the process of re-do'ing the kid's playroom and have been looking for a new tv stand. My grandfather gave us the tv that's in there and it's been difficult to find a stand that is affordable (i mean, it's going in the playroom.. i'm not paying $500!) and big enough! Well, I found it!

It was only $100! (originally $350) I am SO happy! Now, it's time to get the paint, hang up the rest of the goodies and reupholster the recliner! :)

Then! I found the best deal of all! I've been looking at the shelf below for almost a year! I just knew it would be perfect for above my desk. But it was $279. Just too much for me to buy "just because". Well, as I was walking into the store, I spotted it and saw a "$19.97" price tag on it. I was thinking "surely, not?!" Oh, but it was!! Can you belive it?! $20!!

It's a "smart cabinet" with a power strip to plug in electronics. It also has doors that close to conceal the mess! ha! I LOVE it!
(speaking of messes, please ignore the one currently on my desk! ha!)

I am loving my good buys from yesterday! Even Chris liked them! Always a plus! :)



Natasha said...

that desk organizer is adorable natalie... i told candice i HAVE to come to memphis just so i can go to the PB outlet!

Kristen said...

Great buys! I am very jealous! Pottery Barn outlet?!? Probably a good thing there isn't one near me..just one more place my paycheck would go!

Angie S said...

Wow...those are great deals! I love it when I come home with great purchases! It makes me want to shop more :)

Southerland Living said...

I love the new TV stand! We are inm the process of buying a new house and need some new furniture! So cute!!