Wednesday, March 10

Tuesday Catch-up!

Gosh - Where did Tuesday go??? Starting on Monday, I've been running around like a mad woman! Monday night, Chris and I went to our first small group meeting and LOVED it!! We are so excited about this new journey in our lives! :) Then Tuesday came and got even more hectic with running errands and going to yoga! (which by the way, is still kicking my butt.. but i can tell a difference and love it!) So.. I just kinda missed two days in the blog world! But.. I'm ready to catch-up where I left off!

This week, the undomestic mama, is talking about baby names! Oh boy.. i am WAY particular with baby names! I HATE HATE HATE trendy names! I look at this way.. in 10 years is the name still going to be cute and popular and classy OR is your child going to sound like a stripper?! (harsh.. but so true!) Just give me traditional, Southern, double-named names and I am a happy girl!

Of course, my top two are Lilly Kate and Ethan!

But, I have LOTS of other faves! Now, I'm not going to share potential names for Baby Stickles #3 (who isn't even on the way yet.. ha!), but I will list some other faves! :)

Emilee (Emmy for short)
Anna (as part of a firt name - double name)


I am a sucker for double names and also for the long standing Southern tradition of using your grandmothers name or maiden name for a girl's first name.. like - Ryan, Smith & Lawrence.

Now, onto Jessica's list! This week, it's "Wish Lists". Well, I dont think there's enough room on the blog page for my wish list.. ha! So, I'll just give ya'll the top 2!

First up - a sewing/embroidery machine. I've looked at several and have gotten lots of opinions, but I think I'm going to go with the Singer Futura CE-150! It has a large embroidery area and all the bells and whistles! I think I'll love it! Although, not looking forward to the $500 price tag! YIKES!
Next... my Nikon D3000 (or 5000). Oh, how I'm longing for you! Hopefully soon! :)



Love from Texas said...

great list! i can't wait to see how you like the singer...

and i'm right there with you on the names! knox is my grandmother's maiden name. ...i come across some pretty crazy ones at work though and just have to wonder what some people are thinking.

love your new cabinet! what a lucky find :)

Don, Emily and Ellie Pitt said...

I will have to say, you have some great girl names picked out!!! HA!

Don, Emily and Ellie Pitt said...
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Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Im still catching up on these! Love love love your picks!