Tuesday, March 2

Show Us Your Life : Collections

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Today, (well, Friday) Kelly's Korner is showing us "collections". I'll be honest. I dont really collect anything good! ha! But, I tried to think about what I like having around and what I seem to have alot of, and this is what I came up with...

{1} Fabric scraps

Ever since I learned to applique (which I haven't done in about 2 months!) I have started picked up fabric wherever I see it. The clearance section at HobLob is GREAT for this!! For applique, you only need small amounts of fabric and the clearance section always has the super cute fabrics in small pieces! PERFECT!! I'm a sucker for it everytime!! ha!

{2} Antique Silver

When I was planning for LK's fancy party last month, I immediately called up my grandmother for permission to use her silver platters. She, of course, agreed. What was even better is that she told me that I could keep them! :) She said that they would have been mine one day anyway, so why not now?! I was ecstatic! I LOVE things that have been passed down in families, I think it's so special! I couldn't have been more thrilled. So, lately, I've been expanding my silver collection. I like antique things. Things that have been passed down for years. I just dont think the modern day "Macy's" silver has anything on the old stuff. It's so ornate and just plain gorgeous! So.. I've been on the search for cake stands, pitchers, mint julep cups.. you name it!

{3} Fiesta!

This is the "casual" dinnerware that I chose when we got married. I just LOVE it!! I get things in all sorts of colors. I love getting all the pieces and even going to the antique stores and getting pieces from the 50's!

{4} Purses

I dont know if this really counts as a "collection" but I sure do have a lot of them. My biggest weakness is Kate Spade! :/ I wont tell you how many b/c well, it's a little embarrasing, but it's enough to probably fund a new government project! ha! And with Kate, it's not just the purses.. it's the accesories, the shoes, the jewlery, the dinner ware, my china... It gets really bad ya'll, really it does!

and then, of course, there's Vera. She's no better. She makes my heart melt with every new pattern that comes out. Again.. Vera is making me contribute to that project again! ha!

So, that's the closest to "collections" that I have in my house! :) Told you.. nothing too exciting!


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