Tuesday, March 2

Top 2 Tuesday!

Today, the undomestic momma is doing .. "your Top 2 favorite stores"! Well, I have lots.. but these are definitley my ultimate faves! :)

{1} J.Crew - LOVE it! .. just take a peek at my closet! ha!

{2} Pottery Barn - they recently closed the Memphis store.. BUT we still have the outlet AND they were nice enough to send me a 20% off coupon!! how sweet of them.. i will most definitely be taking them up on that offer! ;) Runners up:

Target - of course!

Baby Gap

Banana Republic

Hobby Lobby



Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

I love all of your picks!!!!

midwesterngal said...

Great picks! I wish I could decorate my house with all things from Pottery barn...

Love from Texas said...

ok when you said they closed the memphis PB store i about had a heart attack bc i thought you were talking about the outlet! oddly enough we don't have PBOtl. here, and i got so excited last time i was in town and saw they'd expanded it!

good choices though... i have no idea if i could narrow down two faves!

Annie said...

PB...good pick! I didnt event think about that one...they have such great stuff :)

Hattie said...

Hi just found your blog! Great picks! I love looking at the Pottery Barn catalogs! Oh, and I love Hobby Lobby too!!! I'm your newest follower!

Don, Emily and Ellie Pitt said...

They closed PB in Memphis?? Crazy! It was the only store in town. Surely they are just remodeling or something.

Kendra said...

First off, LOVE your blog. ADORABLE.!
second, I love pottery barn.!